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How is FundzPark advisory different from other advisory or portfolio management firms?

FundzPark advisory incorporates smart and user-friendly features to help you find accurate investment solutions. Our solutions are customised to fit your unique investment needs. With the help of our sophisticated robo-advisory, FundzPark provides timely and unbiased suggestions that enable you to achieve your financial goals in the safest and most profitable way possible.

The algorithm used in FundzPark considers factors like your risk-taking capacity, financial goals, investment horizon, market behaviour, tax status and exit loads. FundzPark has specifically been built to have an overall insight into each mutual fund. This is opposed to merely assessing a fund's past returns. FundzPark doesn't consider any commercial incentives in its suggestions.

With its goal-planning and goal-tracking features, focussed Portfolio Management becomes as easy as breathing. FundzPark's dynamic asset-allocation feature can help you stay afloat during market swings by suggesting portfolio rearrangements from time-to-time. This safeguards your earnings as you move closer to your financial goals. This rebalancing feature is exclusively available with FundzPark. Moreover, if you need an expert opinion, we also provide advisory services, upon request.

All these features can be accessed on your mobile and our website for free. Download the FundzPark app from Playstore to experience these cutting-edge portfolio management services. To know more, visit