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Can FundzPark help me invest for all of my goals?

Yes, we can help in investing for all your goals. Whether you are planning to retire early, or go on a holiday to an international location, we will assist you. Just sign-in to your FundzPark account, then go to Plan My Goals and select the goal of your choice. We will offer you a personalised investment pathway to help you reach your financial goals.

Through FundzPark, you can invest towards retirement planning, building an emergency corpus, vacations, marriages, children’s education, purchasing a house, building wealth, starting a business and numerous other things. You can invest in and track multiple goals at the same time through FundzPark. The goal-tracking feature can help you assess if you are moving at the right pace with your investment amount and target date. It will also recommend ways for you to correct course should you find that your investments are off track.

The new FundzPark mobile app is your very own pocket-sized wealth advisor. Visit the Playstore and download the app now.