About Us

Overview - our story

Fundzpark is the dream of 5 people brought together by a shared passion for finance and financial literacy. They started out on the journey to make a difference in the financial world of India and thereby the common man.

India is a booming economy today and a part of the credit goes to YOU, the common man who works hard to make his dreams come true. Fundzpark was born out of the belief that each individual has the capacity to create wealth. All that is needed is timely guidance and correct tools. Our endeavour is to give you the guidance and tools on a platform where you can make your dream, your reality

Our Misssion

Fundzpark is an online platform for financial literacy along with fulfilment for investment and personal finance management, starting with the mutual funds product and with addition of other financial products consumed by an individual through different life stages, in a phased manner.

Empowering the customer through learning to be a self-reliant, informed investor ultimately becoming his/her own portfolio manager is the cornerstone of the financial literacy program of Fundzpark.

Our endeavour will be to have a strong customer centric team and Fundzpark will create a consistent process across the company for elevating service quality to the highest levels.

We see our greatest opportunity in our ability to convince YOU, dear customer, with compelling value propositions, for helping you fulfil your most valued dreams.


Every stakeholder feels that " Fundzpark Cares"

Every customer feels empowered to achieve his or her financial goals

Every employee has a sense of ownership and enjoys working

Every employee learns, realizes his or her potential to achieve outstanding outcomes, without compromising on values and ethics

Constantly enable a Do It Yourself ecosystem with continuous knowledge and technology up-gradation

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