Q.1 What is a Robo Advisor?

Robo Advisor is automated wealth management service which constructs a investment portfolio without any human intervention.

Q.2 Why should I invest with Robo Advisor?

Robo Advisors provide an investment strategy that was previously available for only wealthy individuals. Also robo advisors make investing simple and hassle free as human bias is completed avoided.

Q.3 How is Fundzpark different from other Robo Advisory Engines?

At Fundzpark our belief is to provide investors with a well diversified portfolio and continously manage the portfolio to keep financial goals on track. Our combined algorithm technique of rebalancing a portfolio is unique and is not being used at any other Robo Advisory Engine.

Q.4 What all parameters do Robo Advisors consider while creating an investment portfolio?

The first parameter considered is investors risk profile, the risk profile is obtained after user answers a risk profiling questionnaire. Second parameter considered is tenure of the investment. Risk Profile and Investment horizon are most important factors while creating an optimally diversified portfolio.

Q.5 How are the top mutual funds selected for investment?

We rank the funds based on the risk return ratio and performance to get the best risk adjusted mutual fund portfolio.

Q.6 Is it necessary to be KYC complaint while resgistering for Fundzpark?

No, It is not necessary to be KYC compliant. However to successfully transact SIP one has to be KYC compliant. For such clients whose KYC is not verified , we will get it done via Fundzpark upon successful upload of necessary documents.

Q.7 Can I nominate a minor as a nominee?

Yes, a minor can be made a nominee, provided guardian details are provided in nomination form.

Q.8 Why do I need to provide bank mandate while registering?

Bank mandate alongwith cancelled cheque is required to register for ECS request with your bank.It validates the authencity of the request. It ensures smooth functioning of SIP transactions every month.

Q.9 What is the minimum amount required to invest with Fundzpark?

There is no minimum amount prescribed by Fundzpark. However, mutual fund schemes have a criteria of minimum sip investment which every investor has to follow.

Q.10 How will I Know that my SIP transactions have been carried out?

On exceution you will receive a confirmation on the investment made, through an SMS and Email from Fundzpark.

Q.11 Where can I get my SIP details?

SIP details can be viewed in Portfolio and Transaction History details in Fundzpark account.

Q.12 Can NRI's invest via Fundzpark?

Yes, NRI's can invest via Fundzpark. Provided all necessary information are given.
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